*** The best thing about Matt’s friend, Drew Setter, is that he’s still the same guy he was in college. The worst thing about Matt’s friend, Drew Setter, is that he’s still the same guy he was in college. Here’s how he made his M.A.T.T. coin into a Dog Tag. Oh, and speaking of the M.A.T.T. coin …if you want one, or another, or a few more, simply email donkowalewski@gmail.com and he’ll get one in the mail to you. ***


What You Need

So many of you are considering running in Turkey Trots across the country next week in memory of Matt. Some of you got the shirt Dave helped put together. I ordered one, but it won’t get to me in time before I travel so what I am doing is turning the cool M.A.T.T. medallions that Don gave out at the memorial into a dog tag.

Don was hoping for some nice “how to” entry with an arts and crafts “Tool Time” type vibe.  Instead, you all get me.  I know what you are thinking…  “Drew? He’s doing handicrafts with tools and stuff?'” I’m as shocked as you are.  It isn’t that I am not handy (although my wife, Sharon, says I’m not), I’d just prefer someone else do it. However, I am pretty sure that I am a registered merit badge counselor in my son’s Boy Scout Troop for this field.  You should probably weep a little for scouts’ futures.

What you need (see image “What You Need”):

  • (1) 5/32 eyelet it grommet (don prefers grommet, eyelet was easier to find at Michael’s
  • (1) 5/32 6 inch length of paracord, leather, or chain
  • (1) 1/8-5/32 drill bit with handidrill or power drill (I prefer the power approach)

STEP 1:  Secure medallion in vise and drill; careful not to stress the wood.

STEP 2:  Add in the eyelet. Again, be careful not to stress the wood. What’s that you ask? No picture? I told you I’m not that handy. What about the kids with the digital media skills, you ask? They were in school.

STEP 3: Insert the paracord and secure with a square knot. (VIDEO: How to tie a square knot)

Don’t mess up the square knot and make a granny knot. You can do this.  Even me, Mr. Drew, aka the Barney Fife of Scout Masters, can tie a square knot.

Square Knot

You Can Tie This if Drew Can

I hope you enjoyed my poor attempt at humor.  But this is how I’ve chosen to remember Matt.  The cheesy jokes, smiles, and easy going jabs that were part serious, but mainly just silly (Fun with tape is an odd memory of mine with Matt).  He made me, a notorious grump, into a person that can laugh at himself and keep moving.  I’ll post a few pictures from the trail and the beach next Thursday in Mexico.  I’ll have my medallion with me and wear it with pride in his memory.  And, I’ll be doing it with my kids.  Just like Matt planned to do.