Thanks to everyone sharing stories (and please send more)

As the guy who keeps updated, I just want to say ‘thank-you’ to everyone contributing stories and memories. In the wake of the immediate grief of Matt’s passing, we all wanted a website (or something) that could be a monument to such a great person taken from us too soon. A few of us worried, however, the site would be a burst of emotion and grieving, but then might fade away.

Personally, I was never going to let that happen. Even if I just had to write something once a month. But I haven’t had to write things because you all want this community to stay with us like we wanted Matt with us. I don’t know about you, but I think about Matt every day. Maybe it’s the M.A.T.T. coin. Maybe it’s the M.A.T.T. shirt. Or maybe, and I like this thought a lot more, it’s Matt whispering in my ear. I call these random thoughts “angel whispers” …when you think of someone you loved and that thought comes into your mind quite randomly, or you come across something or notice something that immediately reminds you of someone you’re missing …it’s no accident. For me, it’s my Mom, my Uncle, my Grandma, and now Matt whispering something in my ear, like, “I know you don’t want to exercise, but just give your body 30-minutes and break a sweat,” or, “I know you’re stressed at work and it’s making you impatient at home, but HUG your family and tell them you love them because that is more important than a work deadline.”

Matt meant alot to alotta people. I hope the Facebook posts linking you to new stories are finding your Timeline, but this quick Blog entry you’re reading is for the subscribers. On the front page of today is a new story from Rick Babcock, and next to that is a story of how Liz Okey still travels and has found a way to keep telling Matt about the adventures.

If you want to share something, please email me at Thank you in advance. Oh, and don’t worry if you’re not a writer …we can edit your piece together.

And one final thing. If you don’t see one of the many memories on the front page of the site, they are all listed in the bottom right-hand side of the page if you keep scrolling down, but I’ll list and link them all here, too.

Love to you all. Thanks for your “T”ime.

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