Happy Birthday, Matt!

Thanks to all of you who’ve Followed/subscribed. In recognition of Matt’s birthday, Ben Cossar wrote a very touching birthday message to Matt.

Please encourage everyone to Follow this Blog so they can get email alerts when new things are posted. A few have asked, “how do I know when new stuff is at MattBairRemembered?”  It’s an extra step, but thank you for Following. Go to the Home Page, scroll to the bottom, enter your email address, and every time we add something to the site, you’ll get an email.

In a different tribute to Matt, Drew Setter decided he needed a wild, loud Christmas suit (“like Matt wore”) and he went to his company party dressed sharp! And look close for his M.A.T.T. lanyard necklace. It really brings the outfit together, don’t you think? Wanna make your M.A.T.T. token into a necklace, don’t forget Drew’s How-To.

And here’s Dave Adamec and Ben Cossar wearing the M.A.T.T. shirts on Matt’s birthday.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love and hug your relatives this season more intensely than you ever have. Make the most of your T ime with them and T ell them how much they mean to you.

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Matt!

  1. Matt was truly a unique character that we all just absorbed and lived Better Lives because of what he gave to the room. A grin like no other and a personality to go along with it. Happy birthday brother. I am smiling with you


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